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Kickirillo Engineering PLLC is a forensic engineering firm specializing in Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and related matters throughout Tennessee and the surrounding states. 


Kickirillo Engineering PLLC Qualifications:

§  Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.)

§  Accredited Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist (ACTAR)

§  Over 20 years of combined Accident Reconstruction and Automotive Industry Experience

§  Testimony Experience in Civil and Criminal Matters

§  Instructor for Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Related Courses

Our Commitment to Our Clients:


Technical Expertise – We use the latest research alongside current industry standards in reconstructing vehicle collisions.  Our analysis is physics-based using scientific methods.  We spend significant hours every year on research, testing and continuing education to maintain our expertise. 


Unbiased, Conclusive Analysis – We provide conclusive answers regarding the projects we are involved in by working within our area of expertise.  We firmly believe in providing unbiased answers to allow our clients to make informed decisions. 


Client Education – We value educating our clients with respect to the reconstructions we perform.  In addition to providing an expert opinion, we explain our analysis and how the physical evidence supports our conclusions.        



Kickirillo Engineering PLLC
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Franklin, TN 37067
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FAX (866) 908-8847





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